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We offer a complimentary strategy session to cover a specific business area in which you'd like to focus.  See how having Solutions for Impact as your key resource will empower you to reach your full potential and goals.  Request a complimentary session, click here.


Don't worry.  We won't pressure you to work with us or add you to any distribution lists.  The services we provide are our way of making a positive difference in this world.  We partner with business professionals and organizations that see the value Solutions for Impact brings and are excited to work with us.  You have goals and more potential than you know.  We will help you unlock it, cheer you on along the way and celebrate when you achieve it. 

What We Deliver
Solutions that are Innovative, Realistic, Actionable, Sustainable, Easy to Manage & Impact Your Bottom Line


To deliver the results you need, we focus on the areas below.  We have specific programs for you to choose from that incorporate these areas.  Our programs are designed to be customizable to meet your needs.  You may choose to work with us regularly through a program or only partner with us as needed. Contact us so we may discuss the most impactful solution for you or request a complimentary strategy session

Consulting - Organizational Strategy and Plan
For small businesses to large corporations
Testimonials:  "…passion is contagious…our results are traceable to her leadership and execution…delivered output that far exceeded anyone’s expectations…flexible and has fresh new perspectives but also practical in assessing impacts and overcoming obstacles… displayed creativity and came up with new, simple solutions that were implemented within the constraints of our organization (budget & people)…style is engaging and respectful that she easily builds strong working relationships… always positive…100% of clients said they agree that she ‘Provides appropriate solutions based on customer’s business needs’...”  Compilation of testimonials from various clients
Creating and executing a customized plan for providing employees (your biggest asset) with what they need to meet organizational goals and be advocates in achieving them (change management) is critical.  This is true for executives, leadership, managers, individual contributors and teams. 
Employees will understand key organizational information so they may align their role and objectives with those of the organization. When employees understand the big picture and the critical role they play, they engage deeper, produce better results, and become advocates themselves.  Examples of focus areas include but are not limited to:
  • Realistic plans to change the culture
  • New programs to develop employee capabilities
  • Specific training to educate and up-skill employees, etc. 
We specialize in creating programs that actually get employees using and applying the new desired skills and behaviors in their daily work rather than simply teaching them the theory of what they should be doing and hoping they apply it.  Take care of and enable your employees and they will deliver what you need. 
We will partner with you to determine your goals and what you want to achieve in the short and long-term, and the structure or programs needed to enable it.  The solution will be impactful and manageable since it will be created based on the reality of how you or your organization operate.  We'll ensure the plan will be simple, easy to execute, manage, sustain and measure. 
Contact us to discuss the most impactful solution for you or request a complimentary strategy session.  
Professional Training & Speaking
In-Person and Web-Based Training, Seminars and Workshops

For individual contributors to executives and teams, as well as entire organizations of all sizes

Testimonials:  “…dynamic speaker...very good material and interactive presentation style that kept us engaged…impactful...I left with specific actions I could immediately event I have ever attended…I feel inspired…exceeded my expectations…good use of my time...will help me succeed in my job."   Compilation of survey comments from various training and seminar participants
"I have yet to see someone bring such innovation into the space of employee development and learning as Hannah does. I was continually impressed by her new ideas and perspectives on increasing employee’s business acumen, management capabilities and overall work experience. Having participated in several Management workshops, I saw them to be content rich with deep dialogue. The majority create traditional classroom and virtual training vs. Hannah who has an innovative approach to learning and development, management development and employee engagement.”   Sr. HR Manager
"Hannah did an excellent job of teaching by example and partnering with us to discuss our opportunities for improvement and examples."
"Very good material and interactive presentation style that kept us engaged during the training."
"It was impactful - the course more than exceeded my expectations and was a good use of my time. 
Global participants of virtual and in-person training workshops
Our sessions are unique and impactful because of the way we interact with and engage participants, provide new ways of thinking and approaches, and focus on results-oriented action.  The Solutions Consultant, Hannah Pelley, creates and delivers these worldwide offerings and is a recognized thought leader for her innovative approaches and one-of-a-kind content.  She has created and presented over 1,500 in-person and global virtual trainings, seminars and workshops.  11,000 business professionals at all levels agree that they gained knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in their job.  Survey results also show that they left with specific actions they may immediately take to have an impact. 
Our offerings include training, seminars, workshops, professional speaking and events.  They are delivered in-person and virtually worldwide.  We also customize the offerings for teams, organizations and events of any size.  Contact us to discuss the most impactful solution for you or request a complimentary strategy session.  
To find out more about our specific sought-after and highly rated offerings (and register), visit the Seminars, Training and Events page.  To be proactively notified when a session is announced, email us and we will add you to the communication.  We will not add you to any other distribution lists. 
One-On-One Coaching
For individual contributors to executives in any size organization
Testimonials:  "She is an expert in process improvement, training, communications and business management overall.  I have never felt so supported at work before in my entire life - it was like a family member would provide.  There are no words to adequately express how thankful I am for her helping me work through a life-long fear.  She literally made an impact on my LIFE."    Sr. Manager
"Hannah helped me significantly improve my strategic thinking, time management and prioritization, assertiveness, relationships with stakeholders, quality of work and work/life balance. Through her recommendations and coaching, I have also been able to relocate back to my home country."  Manager coached virtually and located in Romania
"Through Hannah's coaching, I've been able to transform my in-person training to virtual sessions, enabling me to expand my business and market from the US to the entire world."  Professional Fortune 100 Speaker and Executive Business  Coach
"Implementing Hannah's recommendations completely changed the way I run by business internally.  Our team interacts and collaborates significantly better and the ideas we come up with have been game changers for attracting new clients."  Regional Vice President
The coaching we provide is dedicated time with a business professional at any level to focus on the areas they would like to develop.  Examples include but are not limited to:
  • leading local and global teams with and without authority
  • creating and executing business strategies, goals and plans
  • preparing for and successfully having meetings with executives and leaders
  • developing organizations, employee and teams
  • navigating the nuances of the business world
  • turning colleagues at all levels into advocates who want to make you successful
  • being more effective and efficient with your time and less stressed
  • approaching and executing complex projects
  • overcoming challenging situations and issues
  • becoming more business savvy, strategic, influential, innovative and impactful
  • working successfully with challenging people
  • thinking innovatively
  • enjoying work more and experiencing increased respect, recognition and rewards

Contact us to learn more about our specific programs or request a complimentary strategy session.

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