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Empowering business professionals and organizations to realize their full potential and achieve their goals 

Realistic  |  Actionable  |  Easy to Manage  |  Sustainable  |   Impact Your Bottom Line

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Upcoming Global Webinars* - Unique, Interactive, Engaging and Impactful

New approaches and ways of thinking while focusing on results-oriented action

Secrets to Creating a Rewarding Work Experience  - COMING SOON

Unique, proven best practices to immediately improve your work experience and success
100% of course participants agree they gained knowledge, skills or insights that they can use in their job or business, 97% were satisfied with the speaker and would recommend the course

Course Overview:  Do you feel stressed out, overworked, underappreciated or stuck in your job or career?  Imagine being empowered with knowledge and methodologies that enable you to immediately begin making positive changes.  This session will provide you with unique, impactful ways to improve the way you approach your work, interact with your colleagues and address challenges that arise.  By the end of this interactive session, you will have specific actions you can take to create a work environment where colleagues at all levels become your advocates and help you succeed. 

We will focus on best practices from 18 years of award-winning, real work experience at Fortune 100 companies:

  • Deliver work that has higher impact

  • Increase recognition of your work and abilities

  • Become more appreciated and highly regarded

  • Improve relationships with colleagues at all levels

  • Gain a competitive edge

  • Enjoy work more and feel less stress 

Our methods are actionable, easy to apply and set you up for success.  By applying these unique techniques, you'll find yourself empowered to create your own destiny without relying on anyone else.  Begin making impactful changes to your work experience and brand.

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Contact us  for discounted group rates or in-person seminars / training.  See information below for additional information.

*Additional Training, Seminars, Workshops & Events:

Offerings will be posted here as soon as they available.  Email us to be added to the announcement. 

To  learn more about these, see the "Professional Training & Speaking" section of the Services page.

The Presenter / Facilitator - Engaging, Authentic, Inspiring and Dynamic
Best practices from 18+ years of real world work experience at Fortune 100 companies


The Solutions Consultant, Hannah Pelley, creates and delivers these offerings and is a globally recognized thought leader based on her innovative approaches and one-of-a-kind content.  One of her key approaches is to empower participants with what they need to start realizing their full potential.


  • Created and delivered over 1,500 in-person and global virtual trainings, seminars and workshops that are interactive, engaging and entertaining

  • 95% of 11,000 participants at all levels (individual contributors to executives) agree that they gained knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in their job

  • Participants agree they left with specific actions they may immediately take to have an impact 

Customize an Offering - Specific Solutions for Your Company
Create an impactful session to meet your needs


Our sought-after and highly rated sessions are available in-person or virtually as needed.  They may be customized for teams and organizations of any size.  Contact us to discuss the most impactful solutions for you.  Request a complimentary strategy session.

Training and Seminars
Training and Seminars focus on teaching business professionals key skills and knowledge to develop themselves.  They may be delivered either in-person or virtually through a webinar.  This allows for business professionals across the world to participate in these award-winning sessions regardless of location.
Workshops are extremely valuable since they enable individual business professionals or teams / organizations to roll up their sleeves and solve real work challenges they are experiencing.  We facilitate sessions that enable participants to learn, immediately apply what they learned to their unique challenge, then immediately get feedback.  Think of it as a combination of training, consulting, and coaching.  The workshops are powerful and impactful since participants learn while doing and leave with an actionable, realistic plan that they created to solve their challenge. 
Professional Speaking

Professional speaking and event emceeing is available for conferences (keynotes and breakout sessions), seminars, meetings, networking sessions and more.  Hear from a industry recognized thought leader on a variety of topics focused on unique, proven best practices to immediately improve work experiences and success.  Presentations are interactive, engaging and impactful, and leave the audience inspired.  95% of 11,000 participants at all levels (individual contributors to executives) agree they gained knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in their job.  Contact us to learn more about the topics available and how we can meet your business need.  


We offer a variety of unique, highly valuable events throughout the year to provide yet another way to grow yourself or your business.  The goal of our events is for participants to learn, network, benchmark and grow while having fun.

Contact us to learn more about our specific programs.  Request a complimentary strategy session.