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If you are like most business professionals, managers, organizational leaders and business owners, you are too busy working on deliverables or running your business to consistently and deliberately focus on creating the daily work experience and outcomes you want.  Solutions for Impact has proven results empowering business professionals and owners at all levels to create a competitive advantage for themselves and their business using our innovative approaches.  Through our consulting, coaching and training, clients develop themselves and grow their businesses ultimately impacting their bottom line and creating the daily work experience they want.


As we work with you, we will also enable you to improve problem-solving capabilities; innovate on products, services and processes; be more effective and efficient, improve personal and organizational brand image; improve work / life balance; and create healthy relationships with colleagues and high-functioning teams.

Business Professionals - Individual Contributors to Executives from Small Businesses to Large Corporations
Are you frustrated with work?  Do you work with colleagues who are difficult to collaborate with?  Is your hard work, impact and abilities getting the recognition, rewards and opportunities you want? 


As a result of working with us, our clients successfully create the daily work experience and outcomes they want.  Their work enjoyment increases, their stress levels decrease, they receive more opportunities and have better work / life balance.


Business Owners and Organizational Leaders - Small Businesses to Large Corporations

Are your employees advocates of your strategy, making decisions that will enable you to reach your goals?  Do they proactively and effectively collaborate with their colleagues to deliver work that actually makes an impact?  Is the work environment encouraging them to stay, do their best work, find solutions and innovate? 


As a result of working with us, our clients have healthy, high-functioning teams and employees with improved problem-solving capabilities who deliver work that makes an actual impact.  In addition to achieving their goals, clients have also benefited with increased revenue, cost savings, lower risk, faster time-to-market, higher employee retention rates and a more enjoyable work experience.     

Experience how Solutions for Impact will empower you to unlock your full potential, cheer you on along the way and celebrate your successes when you reach your goals.  Request a complimentary strategy session. to focus on an area of your choice.  We will show you how partnering with us strategically grows your business.  Contact us for more information.


The Secret Sauce

Our Unique Approach to Business Consulting, Coaching and Training

Business professionals and organizations of all sizes across the world have adopted our innovative and collaborative processes and approaches.  They engage us to enable them to reach their full potential and goals. 


Solutions for Impact provides consulting, coaching, and training that has proven, impactful results.  We apply award-winning, global real world experience; industry recognized thought leadership and innovation; and best practices to uniquely meet each client's business needs. 


Our solutions are realistic, actionable, easy to manage, sustainable and impact your bottom line.  We educate and empower you throughout the process, enabling you to build your own solutions and drive results in the future as well. 


In today's information-rich world, business is more competitive than ever before.  Are you taking the time and steps to strategically develop a competitive edge?  Are you reaching your full potential?  Request a complimentary strategy session to see how to keep a competitive advantage and grow you or your business specifically. 


Who We Work With

Business Professionals at All Levels & Organizations of All Sizes

Our clients are business professionals who range from individual contributors to senior managers, executives and  business owners.  We work with a range of business organizations of all sizes (from small businesses to large corporations) and professional associations. 

For business professionals at every level ready for new, proven and innovative ways to develop and empower themselves, their teams and their organizations, we offer:

One-on-One Coaching    Learn More > 

Professional Training    Learn More > 


For owners and leaders of all business sizes ready to develop their organization into a high functioning team aligned to meet strategic goals and happily advocate for one another, we offer:

Organizational Development Consulting     Learn More > 

Professional Training & Speaking    Learn More > 

One-on-One Coaching    Learn More > 

Would you like to understand how we will work with you and/or your size of organization specifically?  Contact us to understand the approaches, plans and programs that will meet your needs.  You can also Request a complimentary strategy session. 

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