Receive the Recognition You Deserve

Impact Your Bottom Line

Business Professionals
All levels, including individual contributors and management, who work in s
mall businesses to large corporations worldwide


  • Do you feel lost in a sea of colleagues wishing you knew how to get more recognition for your work?  Working "harder" isn't doing the trick and you feel stuck and underappreciated.


  • Are you frustrated with colleagues and management who seem to make it harder to be successful?  You're not getting what you need.  Expectations aren't realistic.  People are difficult.


  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed with everything needed to just keep up with your work?  You constantly react vs being proactive.  You're not delivering what you are capable of.  You are stressed and aren't happy with your work/life balance. 

Business professionals hire us to coach them on

how to get the recognition they deserve so that they receive more opportunities, promotions, raises and boost their careers.  

We empower them to effectively navigate office dynamics with more impact and ease, win over difficult people, easily handle stressful conversations and situations, and naturally get their work recognized all while maintaining their authenticity.  


  • Deliver work that is more impactful

  • Have your work, impact and abilities become more recognized

  • Become more appreciated and highly regarded

  • Stand out amongst your colleagues and get more opportunities

  • Create relationships with colleagues at all levels who want and enable you to succeed

  • Enjoy work more, reduce stress and improve work/life balance

  • Receive more opportunities, promotions and raises

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Business Owners, Organizational Leaders and Managers

Small businesses to large corporations worldwide

Do you want your employees to be advocates of your strategy, impacting your bottom line while enjoying work?  Empower and enable them. 

  • Give them the skills and knowledge to provide impactful deliverables aligned with your goals

  • Teach them to have a growth mindset so they are proactive in finding solutions and innovating 

  • Provide them with best practices to create authentic, strong relationships with colleagues, advocating for each other's success and creating a high functioning organization/team

  • Create a work environment that they want to give their best in where they feel heard, honored/respected, and recognized ultimately increasing retention


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Client Results After 8 Weeks

  • Raise was 2% higher than average in past

  • Received equity in the company

  • Got 100% of possible bonus

  • Given job she wanted without having to apply


“Coached me through 2 promotions, 3 salary increases ,

4 re-organizations and an industry change”

Olivia San Miguel, National Mgr, Toyota Motor Sales

“She offers useful, easy to apply tools, tailored to different circumstances and personalities that anyone can follow to make a difference in their life. 

I’m able to apply her teaching daily with the people I interact with, and have had incredible results.”

Anat Ben-Shaul, Founder, Making a Match

The Secret Sauce

Our Unique Approach to Business Consulting,
Coaching and Training

Solutions for Impact provides consulting, coaching, and training that has proven, effective and impactful results.  We apply award-winning, global real world experience; industry recognized thought leadership and innovation; and best practices to uniquely meet each client's business needs.


Our solutions are realistic, actionable, easy to manage, sustainable and will impact your bottom line.  We educate and empower you throughout the process, enabling you to build your own solutions and continue to drive for results in the future.

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Who We Work With

Business Professionals at All Levels & Organizations of All Sizes Worldwide

Our clients are business professionals who range from entrepreneurs and individual contributors to senior managers, executives and owners.  We work with a range of business organizations of all sizes (from small businesses to large corporations) and professional associations. Our services apply to all industries.​


Would you like to understand how we will work with you and/or your organization specifically?  Contact us to understand the approaches, plans and programs that will meet your needs.

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Empowering business professionals and organizations to realize their full potential and achieve their goals 

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